Custom Graphics offers a wide variety of banner flags, commonly known as teardrop flags, flutter flags, and feather flags, which are easy to use and are highly effective in boosting advertising for private or public events, festivals, sporting tournaments, or simply stimulating a sale of a product or service. What makes these banners more ideal for the consumer is that these flags are lightweight and portable and can uniquely stand erect at all times to make this form of advertising visible through windless days. This means no wind is necessary to keep these flags up. Banner Flags are perfect for street-side promotions for car dealerships, health clubs, spas, merchants, fast food diners and much more.

Your custom graphic is printed directly on a lightweight, tear-resistant and printable nylon material which are placed on lightweight poles that are easily placed in the ground.

One advantage of using custom banner flags to feature your personal message is the simple design of the feather flag or tear drop allows the owner to easily change the banner to a new design without re-investing in a new complete package. Feather banners can easily be removed from the pole and be replaced with a new design. These durable, custom flag banners are easy to transport and install.

Custom feather banners are designed for display as a package. Whether you are lining a street directing traffic to your location or lining a path for attendees to find your event, feather banners are affordable for all businesses, enabling you to purchase multiple feather banners within a single budget.